Where do I find the new payment portal?

The new payment portal, Rycor (formerly known as School Cash Online) can easily be accessed through the PowerSchool Parent Portal using your login credentials. Once you have logged in, scroll down on the left-hand side and click on school fees and forms. Clicking on this link will then take you to the payment portal where all your fees can be found. Please note that this feature is only accessible on the desktop version of PowerSchool.

The link for the PowerSchool Parent Portal should be listed under Quick Links on each school’s website or the GSACRD division website’s landing page.

Click here to access the PowerSchool Parent Portal


Can partial payments be made in the new payment portal?

Yes, partial payments can be made within the new payment portal. Once you’ve added your items to the portal cart, click on checkout and payment options will be provided.

This also applies to transportation-related fees.

Please contact your school directly if you have made a payment in SchoolCash Online for this school year.

Will I receive a notification when payments are due?

No, there will not be a notice for payment unless provided by the school. Please monitor your online account for fees and forms that may be added throughout the year (i.e. field trips).

How do I log into the PowerSchool Parent Portal?

If you do not already have a login for the PowerSchool Parent Portal, your school can provide you with an access letter with the ID and password to create an account. Please contact your child's school if you have not received this letter or your access ID and password.

If you already have a login and cannot recall your username or password, please click forgot username and/or password links to proceed.

What else can I find in the PowerSchool Parent Portal?

PowerSchool aims to improve student outcomes, increase educator effectiveness, and enhance operational efficiency with software that simplifies processes. We hope to use PowerSchool as a one-stop shop for important student information.

The PowerSchool Parent Portal includes various essential tools, including the following.

  • Report cards
  • Current grades
  • Student schedules
  • Attendance (safe arrival)
  • School Messenger (historical notices you may have received)
  • School and transportation fees
  • School forms
  • And more…

School Supplies

What kind of supplies does a high school student need?

At the high school level, many students know what types of supplies they want and need, therefore we do not post a specific list.

With respect to what they might need beyond the regular binders, pens, pencils, etc...

  • For Math -1 and -2 students, they will require a Texas Instruments TI-84 calculator.
  • It is highly recommended that a student have their own robust device (a chromebook, laptop, or ipad w/keyboard and/or pencil/stylus).

Note:  The following is not mandatory... but it is something you may want to consider if you want to be paper-less. 
Our math and science teachers deliver their lessons using ipads and Apple pencils.  Many students are finding it very convenient to have the same, which will allow them to download the notes, and highlight, annotate, and work out problems right on the ipad.  They can also easily do their  homework on an ipad as well.