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Michael, Wade Principal
Mazur, Cara Vice Principal
Veraart, Daniel Vice Principal

Library, Office, and Student Services

Library, Office & Student Services  
Albert, Pamela School Office Support
Gallagher, Shawna Learning Support Facilitator
Bontus, Paige Counsellor
Fenton, MaryJo School Office Support
Oake, Leanne Librarian
Rieger, Teresa Career Counsellor
Stoten, Jennie School Office Support
Wise, Leslie Business Manager
Smit, Leigh Counsellor

Teaching Staff

Teaching Staff

Bontus, Paige Teacher
Bontus, Troy Teacher
Boucher, Michelle Teacher
Branco, Nelson Teacher
Coco, Laura Teacher
Ducharme, Doug Teacher
Dyer, Deb Teacher
Feehan, Cammy Teacher
Fetter, Ryley Teacher
Lang, Cara Teacher
Fraser, Amanda Teacher
Gabelmann, Hilary Teacher
Gauthier, Sally RISE Teacher
Horb, Cody Teacher
Jean, Arnaud Teacher
Johnson, Sam Teacher
Kalemba, Roxanne Teacher
Karpinski, Jill Teacher
Klassen, Brooke Teacher
Koehler, Jennifer Teacher
Korotash, Neil Teacher
Lagadyn, Kari Teacher
Liusz Moser, Kelly Teacher
Mullan, Ryan Teacher
Neumeier, Dean Teacher
Pacholik, Josephine Teacher
Sharpe, Kristine Teacher
Tino, Bethany Teacher
Ung, Todd Athletic Director
Wallsten, Teresa Art Teacher
Wirth, Richard Teacher
Wurtz, Michael Teacher, Music
Zabolotniuk, Hayley Teacher


Educational Assistants

Educational Assistants
Albrecht, Leah
Brenneis, Irene
Dubrule, Beth
Dizon, Liza
Pearson, Christine
Wedick, Roxanne