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Karaki, Danielle Principal
Skalski, Darren Vice Principal
Library, Office & Student Services    
Albert, Pamela School Office Support
Morgan, Ashley Learning Support Facilitator
Oake, Leanne Librarian
Rieger, Teresa Career Counsellor
Szynkowski, David Counsellor
Tattrie, Tracy School Office Support
Tralnberg, Tannis School Office Support
Wise, Leslie Business Manager
Teaching Staff    
Adams, Aaron Teacher
Blair, Curt Teacher
Bontus, Paige Teacher
Bontus, Troy Teacher
Cimolai, Tiffany Teacher
Coco, Laura Teacher
Cowden, Rebecca Teacher
Dedrick, John Teacher
Dyer, Deb Teacher
Feehan, Tom Social Department Head
Gabelmann, Hilary Science Department Head
Gauthier, Sally RISE Teacher
Johnson, Sam Teacher
Kalemba, Roxanne Grade 10 & 11 Coordinator, ILearn Department Head
Koehler, Jennifer Teacher
Lavallee, Dan Teacher
Liusz Moser, Kelly Teacher
Moratto, Tony Grade 12 Coordinator, Math Department Head
Neumeier, Dean Teacher
Pawlick, Keli Teacher
Runco, Assunta CTS Department Head, COS Teacher
Sheehan, Erin Teacher
Stewart, Jill English Department Head, IB Coordinator
Tino, Bethany Teacher
Ung, Todd Athletic Director
Wallsten, Teresa CTS Department Head, Art Teacher
Wirth, Richard Teacher
Wurtz, Michael Teacher, Music
Zabolotniuk, Hayley Teacher
Zakreski, Lynn Teacher
Educational Assistants    
Brenneis, Irene
Dizon, Liza
Green, Terry
Harks, Hollie
Ouellette, Annette
Pearson, Christine
Tomlinson, Morgann
Unger, Isabelle
Wallace, Anna
Wedick, Roxanne
Wheeler, Jacquie
Wright, Wendy

Contact Form

  • Danielle Karaki - Principal
  • Darren Skalski - Vice Principal
  • Roxanne Kalemba - Grade 10/11 Coordinator, iLearn Department Head
  • Tony Moratto - Grade 12 Coordinator, Math Department Head
  • Ashley Morgan - Learning Support Facilitator
  • David Szynkowski - Counsellor
  • Teresa Rieger - Career Practitioner
  • Leslie Wise - Business Manager
  • Pamela Albert - Office
  • Tracy Tattrie - Office
  • Tannis Tralnberg - Office
  • Leanne Oake - Librarian
  • Adams, Aaron
  • Blair, Curt
  • Bontus, Troy
  • Bontus, Paige
  • Cimolai, Tiffany
  • Coco, Laura
  • Cowden, Rebecca
  • Dedrick, John
  • Dyer, Deb
  • Feehan, Tom
  • Gabelmann, Hillary
  • Gauthier, Sally
  • Johnson, Sam
  • Koehler, Jennifer
  • Lavallee, Dan
  • Liusz Moser, Kelly
  • Neumeier, Dean
  • Pawlick, Keli
  • Runco, Assunta
  • Sheehan, Erin
  • Stewart, Jill
  • Tino, Bethany
  • Ung, Todd
  • Wallsten, Teresa
  • Wirth, Richard
  • Wurtz, Mike
  • Zabolotniuk, Hayley
  • Zakreski, Lynn
  • Brenneis, Irene - EA
  • Dizon, Liza - EA
  • Green, Terry - EA
  • Harks, Hollie - EA
  • Ouellette, Annette
  • Pearson, Christine EA
  • Tomlinson, Morgann - EA
  • Unger, Isabelle - EA
  • Wallace, Anna - EA
  • Wedick, Roxanne - EA
  • Wheeler, Jacquie - EA
  • Wright, Wendy - EA