Student Council

Student Leadership and Student Council

This program seeks to make our community a better place through student leadership.  Our goal at SACHS is to offer well-balanced programming that gives all students a chance to grow to their potential.  Students at SACHS are offered a quality educational experience that complements classwork with diverse programs that include academics, athletics, arts and culture, and social activities.  These activities cater to the interests of our students and are led by our students.

Student Council and leadership organize a number of events throughout the year to engage the student population with the school and the community at large.  This group of students is responsible for creating, organizing, and implementing events and activities to develop their leadership skills and enhance the high school experience. 

Students will explore principles of leadership and evaluate their personal characteristics and qualities.  Students develop a plan for their personal growth as a member of a leadership team and examine the various behaviors, skills, and roles of team members that contribute to team effectiveness.  They will examine communication, public speaking and presentation skills and will lead and participate in meetings.

Students may enroll in Leadership 15, 25, or 35.  Leadership 25 and 35 make up our Student Council group.
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