Counsellors Corner

Student Services

Student Services and Counselling offer a variety of information and support regarding post-secondary, career, educational and personal matters. At SACHS, we have an open-door policy where students can access counselling on an as-need basis. Teachers and parents can also refer students and appointments can be booked in advance.

Support is provided for individual and family concerns and referrals to outside agencies can be accessed through our school counsellors:

Mr. David Szynkowski at  Monday, Wednesday, every 2nd Friday

Mrs. Laurie McCurdy at  Tuesday, Thursday

Career Development, Post-Secondary and Scholarship Information

Mrs. Teresa Rieger, Career Practitioner at or check out the Career Development  Post Secondary Planning and/or Scholarship Information pages 

Educational Links:

  • ExamBank is a powerful resource for Alberta students. They offer online study resources and practice exams in academic subject areas for all Skyhawks!  Ask Mr. Szynkowski or your core subject teachers for the SACHS username and password and start writing your practice exams today.
  • Tutoring Services: Check out Feel free to ask for credentials (degrees) and references.
  • Peer Tutor? Adult Tutor? Call or email Mr. Szynkowski directly for an up-to-date list of contacts.
  • Exam stress: Check out and type in ‘exam stress’. You’ll find practical and helpful tips to get you through the rigors of high school exams
  • Tutoring, mentoring and study sessions offered here in St. Albert
  • Tutoring and instruction in study skills, math, reading, and writing, St. Albert

Personal and Mental Health Support:

Depression & Anxiety Self Management for Teens (PDF)

  • - Access information regarding substance use, self-harm, or other mental health concerns through this site. Alberta Alcohol and Drug Abuse Commission (AADAC), now part of Alberta Health Services, provides excellent information about resources, prevention and treatment of drug and alcohol abuse.
  • - Quit Smoking: AlbertaQuits Services include helpline, online and group counselling services designed to support all Albertans who have a desire to quit smoking.
  • - Canadian Mental Health Association offers this site to raise awareness of mental health problems that can affect teen lives and to provide practical tools and suggestions to support high school students.
  • - The Family Centre offers a wide range of programs and services to individuals and families including counselling for individuals, couples, families and groups.
  • - Family School Liaison Program is a family centred resource that provides support, counselling and liaison services to individuals and families whose children may be experiencing difficulties either at home or at school.
  • - St.Albert SAIF (Stop Abuse In Families) Society provides education, support and advocacy in the prevention of all forms of violence in relationships.
  • - Sexual Assault Centre of Edmonton is a non-profit organization that provides crisis intervention, public education and one-on-one counselling.
  • - Mental Health site for Youth Seeking Support.


Quick Link for Teachers and Parents:

How to help your teen succeed in high school

Parents are vital partners to help their teens succeed in high school. Here is an article that suggests ways to get involved in your child's education and support them to increase their chance of success.

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