Career & Technology Studies

Career and Technology Studies

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The Career and Technology Program’s purpose is to organize learning experiences in modules which:


  • are more relevant, real world experiences that link theory with practice
  • use information and technology more effectively in a wide range of applications
  • focus on developing student competencies and skills which students can use daily throughout life - work/life skills will be stressed
  • will increase student confidence in themselves as they prove they can contribute significantly to their community

The C.T.S Program at St. Albert Catholic High School involves a number of areas. Each area has modules designed at the beginning, intermediate and advanced levels.


  • Communications and Computer Technologies
  • Cosmetology
  • Construction and Fabrication Technologies
  • Fashion Studies
  • Food Studies
  • Photography


SACHS Cosmetology offers students at all levels a unique environment that combines a classroom within a fully equipped salon where students put learning into practice on mannequins and/or clients, complimenting their learning and making for what is ‘simply a SACHS salon experience.


Are you interested in hair, nails and/or makeup? Then come have fun learning about the art and science of beauty care. In this introductory level students will learn skills to do make-up, manicures, create long hair looks using braids, twists and knots and learn to shampoo, blow-dry and style hair just like the professionals do in the salon. 


Now you are ready to build on your salon practices at this intermediate level! Learn skills to perform haircuts, apply hair colors and create up-do styles using advanced long hair techniques. On client service days students will have the opportunity to bring in family and friends as clients and put their skills to practice in SACHS real salon setting.


It's time to refine your skills at this advanced level and gain deeper insight into the salon/beauty industry as a potential career. Learn advanced skills in haircutting and coloring including bleaching, hi-lighting and other special effects. Students will have the chance to really hone their skills in SACHS real salon setting on client service days.

*Scholarship opportunities available to Cosmetology 30 students. 


Food Studies

Do you like to cook? Would you like to be able to cook for your family and friends? Or maybe you would like to enhance your kitchen skills so you can obtain a part time job or maybe even work towards a full time career in the hospitality industry.

Students are also introduced to the wide range of related career opportunities. Students have the opportunity to become involved in the Culinary Skills School Team! A new team at St. Albert Catholic High School, that provides students with the opportunity to practice and refine their kitchen skills.

FOODS 10 (3 credits)
Courses offered at the Foods 10 Level include:

  • Food Basics
  • Snacks and Appetizers
  • Meal Planning I

Please note: *** The Food Basics course is a prerequisite necessary for taking intermediate and advanced modules.

The introductory level courses assist students in building daily living skills and form the basis for further learning. The Foods 20 and Foods 30 courses are designed to continue developing students’ understanding, knowledge and competencies in the management, selection and preparation of food. Through intermediate
and advanced courses in foods, students have the opportunity to develop some of the skills that are used in the hospitality industry. Career exploration and portfolios are explored.

Some of the courses included in Foods 20/30:

  • Cake and Pastry
  • Rush Hour Cuisine
  • Stocks, Soups and Sauces
  • Basic Meat Cookery
  • International Cuisine I
  • Creative Baking
  • Food Presentation
  • Short Order Cooking

Communication And Computer Technologies
CCT emphasizes communication and presentation skills using a variety of different media. Students will engage in fun and creative multimedia activities using digital cameras, digital video cameras and audio/ video editing software. The focus throughout the course is integrating technology in a fun, creative and enjoyable format. Our in house radio broadcast station, 96.9 THE HAWK, introduces students to the world of radio broadcasting. Students will have opportunities to creatively mix music and design their own radio shows. CCT will also allow students the opportunity to create and explore, bringing their imaginations alive using programs and techniques like computer graphics, Photoshop, animation and 3D animation (flipbook, cell, legomation, claymation and even sandmation). As well, students will advance their basic computer skills by learning to use Android App development software, computer programming, spreadsheets, webpage design and word processing.

Examples of some of the Alberta CTS curriculum courses offered in the course:


Fashion Studies

Have you ever needed to repair a garment?

Maybe you would like to make a Christmas or birthday present for someone?

Learn how to sew!

Production and design at the introductory level, is designed for students to practice and develop skill levels in the construction of various projects. Students’ personal interests and abilities are assessed in the areas of designing, constructing, and merchandising.  The intermediate and advanced levels allow
students to continue to develop their knowledge, understanding and extend their competencies.  Career exploration and portfolios are developed.

FASHION 10 (3credits)

We have equipment that is user friendly and offers the latest technology in Sewing.  Features include embroidery stitching as well.  Courses offered at the Fashion 10 Level include:

  • Fashion Illustration I
  • Sewing Fundamentals
  • Creating Accessories I

Study fashion and color through taking a course on FASHION ILLUSTRATION!

Learn about color, line and designing fashions! Explore drawing techniques and have fun creating your own designs for your own clothing line.  Next, learn how to sew curves and corners through sewing a set of alphabet pillows! Then choose fabric from a wide variety of fashionable designs and colors and sew yourself a pair of active wear (yoga) pants. Keep up with the fashions and learn to sew your own clothes!  Finally, create a personal or home accessory!  Sew a school bag, a set of matching pillowcases, polar fleece mitts, or some other accessory that you would like to have! Possibly add an embroidered design to your new accessory!

Please note: ***Sewing Fundamentals is a prerequisite module necessary for taking most intermediate and advanced courses.


The introductory course in Fashion Studies gives the students the basic Construction and Sewing skills that are the foundation upon which the intermediate and advanced Fashion courses are built upon. The variety of choices given to the students create an opportunity for students to pursue their interests in fashion.

Some of the courses included in the Fashion 20/30:

  • Creators of Fashion
  • Active Wear
  • Contemporary Tailoring
  • Digital Embroidery Tools I
  • Specialty Fabrics I
  • Creating Accessories II
  • Costuming
  • Surface Embellishment
  • Creating Home Decor
  • Sewing for Others

Students in Fashion 20/30 usually participate in the costuming and alterations needed for our school play as well. In addition to this, students in fashion also participate in various fund raising during the term such as sewing blankets and mitts for those in need during the winter months. This is a great example of service and using our gifts that God has given us to help others in need.

Communication & Computer Technology