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SKYHAWK Football

St. Albert Catholic High is the ONLY St. Albert School to ever qualify for a Provincial Final Game in Football.  * 2nd Place, Edmonton Metro Carr Conference    

The SKYHAWKS are the ONLY TEAM from St. Albert to qualify for the Provincial Playoffs in 2011 & 2012

* 2011 Northern Alberta Football, Tier III Finalists: Victory over Peace River 34-14 (Northern Semi-Final)

* 2012 Northern Alberta Football, Tier III Champions: Victories over Peace River 49-21 (Northern Semi-Final) and St. Paul 52-10 (Northern Final)

* 2012 Provincial Tier III Finalists 


What does it mean to be a SKYHAWK?

What Does It Mean To Be A Skyhawk?

To be a Skyhawk is not a simple thing. It means to be held to a higher standard than the average student. Our motto is to produce the best person, student and athlete that we possibly can. When you become a Skyhawk, it becomes less about you and more about us.

To be a part of this program, you must always do your best in the classroom. That means attending all classes, completing your homework and striving to be a positive influence on others.

To be part of this program, you must act appropriately outside of the classroom. That means you are expected to be kind and respectful to others, not to partake in behavior that would embarrass yourself or the program. You are expected to act like a young adult, a shining light in the community.

Playing football is not easy. Playing football for this program is even tougher. If playing for this program was easy, everyone would do it. It is a privilege to play for St. Albert Catholic High, not a right. Treat yourself, your family, your school and the program with the respect that they all deserve.




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