CHORAL MUSIC 10/20/30 (5 credits)
Just as everyone can sing, everyone is welcome in this popular, mixed group.  Choral Music 10/20/30 explores the fundamentals of vocal music by performing a variety of musical styles ranging from classic Motown hits and show tunes, to traditional three, and four-part vocal music. All students contribute their voices to the development of the class as one complete unit. We do community performances, as well as festivals, and students have also created their own recording projects using their own compositions. Students are also encouraged to perform solo pieces, and duets.

STRIKE IT UP!!!  Instrumental Music 10/20/30 explores the basic fundamentals of music structure, composition and style.  Course content includes study of his/her own instrument, ear training, theoretical studies, conducting and ensemble playing.  Students in this course also participate in music festivals and band trips. Students should have 2 years experience playing a concert band instrument.

INSTRUMENTAL JAZZ 15/25/35 (5 credits)
Funk! Swing! Jump Blues! Salsa! Rock! Students in this high energy big, bad, band do it all! Jazz Band is for all horn players with a rhythm section of guitar, bass and piano/keyboards. This is a FUN and rewarding addition to the Instrumental Music course.
GENERAL MUSIC 10/GUITAR  (5 credits)
COME IN AND SHARE YOUR LOVE FOR THE GUITAR!!! This course explores the basic fundamentals of music structure, composition and style on the guitar. We explore many musical styles from Rock, to Bach, and back again. Recording projects are also created.  Course content includes the study of guitar, ear training, theoretical studies, conducting and ensemble playing.  Students use acoustic guitars (non-electric). Some acoustics are available to rent. Everyone is welcome regardless of what experience you have.

GENERAL MUSIC 20/30 GUITAR (5 credits)
Prerequisite: Guitar 10 (GM 10)
This course builds upon the skills of students completing Guitar 10 (GM10), or by audition.  Greater technical ability is required as more emphasis is put on ensemble playing of more advanced music. There is also more emphasis on aspects of composition and improvisation such as voice leading, seventh chords, and advanced scales. An electric guitar is sometimes necessary, as the class does smaller combo work, and the students will work on recording projects.

Prerequisite: Auditioned placement. Completion of Guitar 10/20. Crank it up!  This course is for advanced students and is designed to explore ensemble playing and performance of more contemporary styles of music. Students must have an electric guitar.  Rhythm section players are also invited to join as a rhythm section (bass and drum kit) is needed for this ensemble.  This group has done recording projects (a full compact disc) and performs in the community and at music festivals.  All guitarists are encouraged to solo in this group.  Swing, pop, bop, funk, rock, Samba - you name it, we play it!
Prerequisite:  Enrollment in Instrumental Music 10/20/30 or General Music 10/20/30.  
This course is designed to explore the basics of improvisation and ensemble playing in the jazz idiom. (It is recommended that students have some prior knowledge of at least one of: Bass, Guitar, Drums or Keyboard. Students are expected to provide their own instruments.)

ROCK & POP 10/20/30 (5 credits)
Rock and Pop is a music class that allows students to study music and musical creativity in a unique way.  Develop your talents as a rock or pop musician, while reinforcing correct technical skills on the guitar, bass, drums, keyboard or vocals.  Small rock band ensembles will be formed.