Drama and Theatre Production

Under Milkwood

by Dylan Thomas

Our production this year is an impassioned and hilarious piece showcasing a small Welsh village on a warm spring day. The play begins and closes with the dreams and ghosts found at dawn and dusk as our community of characters connect with the loves of their lives. Indeed, through an array of humorous moments and human beings we consider the reality of love from every angle in this little dingle of a town: loving another without condition, loving the home and land one comes from, loving the life one once had, not meeting the love of one’s life in person for fear this might mar the perfection of love, and, sometimes, love soured…these are all integral aspects of this lyrical, life-giving play. Through a succession of characters, beautiful songs and interactions the gift of this play is helping the audience understand and be entertained by the ‘dawns’ and ‘dusks’ of life.


March 9 & 10, 2016

VIMY Play Pictures

Congratulations to all of the Cast and Crew of VIMY for such a great run; your school is extremely proud of you and your dedication to theatre.

Drama and Theatre Production

The Drama and Performing Arts Advanced Acting & Technical Theatre programs work hard to bring the students performance experiences and information to prepare them for their future. In both drama 20 and 30 there is an end of semester show put up for audiences. The entire focus of the performing arts after school class is to involve as many students as possible in a full scale production, bringing light to the many elements and complexities to what a larger show entails.

This is a full 5-credit course that focuses on a fully performed production that creates the opportunity to connect the theories and pragmatics of acting. There will be an audition process to determine where in the production a student would be most successful. Rehearsals and instruction will be combined and will need full participation and attendance.
The above course will be run concurrently with the following program.

This is a 5-credit course that focuses on the processes necessary to build and put up a production. This includes necessities such as set, scenery, and prop building, stage painting, aesthetics (makeup/hair), sound design and execution, light design and execution, costume and back stage crew work including stage managing. Rehearsals and instruction will be combined and will need full participation and attendance. 

Congratulations to the Cast & Crew of VIMY!

Congratulations to the cast and crew of VIMY who have been nominated 8 times in the Edmonton Journal Review Program in the following categories:

Stage Management and Crew: Lead by Sarah Jackson
Ensemble: Kelton Libich, Greg Parth, Ben Kuchera, and Ethan Kidney
The Reviewers Room: Lead by Brianda McArthur
Marketing and Publicity: Lead by Sarah Jackson
Sound: Kendra Regimbald
Lighting: Jarrod Sokul
Set Construction: Sarah Jackson and Ashlyn Kruggel
and finally as Most Outstanding Show with only four other shows from Edmonton and Area gaining this honour.

Your school is so proud of all of you!