ART 10/10 Pre IB
Art 10 is a three-credit course designed to give students a broad exposure to the media of art – such as drawing, painting, sculpture, print making, mixed media and graphic design. Students are introduced to the creative process through study of visual communication and the elements and principles of design. Students develop and refine their drawing skills and styles through a variety of techniques and strategies.

ART 20/20 IB
Art 20 is a five-credit course that further develops and refines the creative and technical skills of students. The main units are drawing, painting, print making, sculpture, environment and architecture, graphic and industrial design and art history. Students explore personal selection of expression and engage in art criticism to interpret and to evaluate both their works and the works of others.

ART 30/30 IB

Art 30 is a five-credit course that continues the development of creative and technical skills through study, experimentation, research and analysis of images.  Students assume greater responsibility for personal expression and growth in the selection of appropriate themes and media, developing an independent style and approach to the creative process. This course provides opportunities for students to complete a portfolio for post-secondary institutions.

Art students participate in art competitions and exhibits beyond the basic course work.