Fine Arts


You will receive the whole art experience when you take Art 10. You will explore and focus on developing creativity in art making. Basic design and its application to a wide variety of materials will be emphasized.

ART 20

In Art 20 we emphasize on art history, art criticism, vocabulary, and artistic problem solving. A wide variety of techniques and media will be explored for students to build their portfolios. This course is a continuation of the exploration gained through Art 10. Students have the opportunity to display art in the community and throughout the school.

ART 30

This course is a continuation of the exploration gained through Art 20. We emphasize on critical thinking by studying contemporary and art history, art criticism, artistic problem solving. A wide variety of techniques and media will be explored for students to build their portfolios. Students have the opportunity to display art in the community and throughout the school.

DRAWING 15/25/35

Drawing class is for students who wish to develop the discipline of drawing. Students who are in other art classes, or who might not otherwise have had the opportunity to fit an art class into their schedule, are able to take advantage of this excellent opportunity to fine-tune their skills. This is an opportunity to extend your knowledge and create exciting new projects!


The AP Studio Art class is intended for highly motivated students who are seriously interested in the study of art or design. AP course requirements are significantly more rigorous and students should demonstrate commitment and accomplishment when enrolled. It is recommended that AP students have previous training in art or be able to demonstrate through a portfolio an ability to create fine art. 



  • 2D AP Art - The course covers a variety of two-dimensional design approaches. In this portfolio two-dimensional design issues are interpreted broadly and can include, but are not limited to, photography, computer/digital imaging, graphic design, illustrating, typography, printmaking, collage, textiles, fibers, and painting.  In their grade 11 or 12 year, AP students are required to submit a portfolio to the college board in May.
  • 3D AP Art - The course In this portfolio three-dimensional design is interpreted broadly and deals with the relationship of the three-dimensional form in space. Projects can include, but are not limited to, clay, stone, plaster, metals, wire, wood, plastics, fibers, mixed media, apparel, and/or architectural models. In their grade 11 or 12 year, AP students are required to submit a portfolio to the college board in May.
  • AP Drawing - In this portfolio drawing is interpreted broadly and can include, but is not limited to, traditional drawing and drawing media, painting, printmaking, and mixed media. You will be encouraged to explore a variety of pieces including but not limited to drawing from life, figure drawing, self-portraits, still-life, landscape, abstract work, expressive work, collage, and mixed media. All of the mark making you do should be intentional and of high quality. Marks can be made with any media you choose, exploration and experimentation are encouraged!  In their grade 11 or 12 year, AP students are required to submit a portfolio to the college board in May.




CHORAL MUSIC 10/20/30 (5 credits)
No musical experience is required. Open for all students who love to sing in Grades 10 through 12. The choir meets one-two times a week at lunch with an opportunity to explore many types of music including contemporary, pop, christian and folk. We perform at a winter concert at Youville for the residents and occasionally perform within our community. 

GENERAL MUSIC 10/20/30 - Rock & Pop  (5 credits each)

A music class that allows students to study music and musical creativity in a unique way! Develop your talents as a rock or pop musician, study composition and recording and sound reinforcement techniques while fine tuning technical skills on the guitar, bass, drums, keyboards or vocals. Rock/Pop bands will be formed as well as solo performances. At the end of term, groups plan and organize a major performance on stage in one of our performance areas.

Proficiency on your instrument is a pre-requisite.

GUITAR 15 (5 credits) 

      …. and who doesn’t want to play guitar???? not you that’s for sure!!!! Guitar 15 students are introduced to the basics of proper playing technique, chords, chords progression, reading music, scales used in improvising and the history and literature of the acoustic and electric guitar!

GUITAR 25/35 (5 credits each)

Prerequisite: Guitar 15 

This course builds upon the skills of students completing Guitar 15. Greater technical ability is required as more emphasis is put on ensemble playing of more advanced music. There is also more emphasis on aspects of composition and improvisation such as voice leading, seventh chords, and advanced scales.

INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC 10/20/30 (5 credits) - Concert Band

STRIKE IT UP!!! Instrumental Music 10/20/30 explores the basic fundamentals of music structure, com- position and style. Course content includes study of his/her own instrument, ear training, theoretical studies, conducting and ensemble playing.


Prerequisite: Enrolment in Instrumental Music 10, 20, or 30 or General Music 10/20/30

Funk! Swing! Jump Blues! Salsa! Rock! Students in this high energy big, bad band do it all! Jazz Band is for all horn players with a rhythm section of guitar, bass and piano/keyboards. This is a fun and rewarding addition to the instrumental Music course. This course is designed to explore the basics of improvisation and ensemble playing in the jazz idiom. (It is recommended that students have some prior knowledge of at least one of: Bass, Guitar, Drums or Keyboard (students are expected to provide their own instruments).

Drama and Theatre Production

DRAMA 10 (3 or 5 credits)

Whether you have taken Drama before or not there is a significant orientation that allows students to gain knowledge of each other and confidence within themselves to interact in a theatre environment and take healthy risks. The area of MOVEMENT is a primary focus at this level. Every attempt is made to see live theatre as a part of the curriculum.

DRAMA 20 / 30 (5 credits each)

These are progressive courses in performance at an intermediate level. Our goal is to illuminate all aspects of our talents and resources and use these in communication with each other. In Drama 20 an important focus is PLAYWRITING and in Drama 30 a significant area of focus is DIRECTING. Every attempt is made to see live theatre and often to bring in Theatre Specialists like playwright Vern Thiessen through WorkShop West.


Students who successfully audition for the Drama Production will be given credit in Performing Arts and/or Advanced Acting. This is an after school program which runs 3 days a week throughout the year.

The philosophy of this program is inclusivity, so productions chosen are often based on student interest and numbers. This class focuses on all aspects of putting up a production. This is our school’s CAPPIES show.


This is an awards program which is supported by both the Edmonton Journal and The Citadel Theatre. Students attend three other schools’ productions allowing them to review each show. A day of training is held in October at either the Edmonton Journal or The Citadel Theatre where all aspects of the program are taught.

MUSICAL THEATRE 15/25/35 (5 credits)

This 5 credit course aims to provide an interactive environment for students who are interested in singing, dancing, and acting as part of an ensemble, and able to commit to the rehearsal process necessary to put on a full-scale musical production. Students develop vocal and physical skills to create characters on stage, and learn choreography specific to the style and era of the particular production. In addition, students will have the opportunity to work with theatre professionals in the area of voice, dance, movement for actors, and technical theatre. Students enrolled in this course will be part of the school’s musical theatre production and will rehearse after school and on occasional Saturdays and put up the show at The Arden Theatre for two matinees and two evening performances. 


The dynamic for this program is focusing on and polishing skills and talents that lie in the area of set design, set construction, crew management, lighting design and operation, sound design and operation and special effects building. Credits in Tech Theater can be obtained through involvement in the Musical Production or the Dramatic Production.