Work Experience Program

Work Experience Program

Work Experience is an off-campus education program where grade 10, 11 and 12 students will be able to earn credits as they learn essential skills in the workplace.

Why Take Work Experience?

  • Gain real job experience and skills
  • Build your Resume, Portfolio and Network
  • Gain high school credits
  • Get help mediating work place issues between you and your employer 
  • Receive job-specific reference letters
  • Raise your average for scholarships
  • Learn about yourself and about the world of work
  • Make some money!

Rutherford Scholarships - Work Experience can be used as one of the 1000 to 9000 series courses

How it Works:

  1. Complete Workplace Safety Systems (HCS 3000) the prerequisite module for Work Experience (this is typically done in grade 10, check your PowerSchool or myPass)
  2. Fill out and return the signed Work Experience Agreement to the Work Experience Coordinators
  3. Find a job and/or go to work.  Bring in proof of hours (pay stubs or work schedules)
  4. The school will conduct a safety inspection of your work site and meet with your employer
  5. Begin earning credits (Work Experience hours can be accumulated only after the Work Experience Agreement has been submitted)

The program consists of three courses - Work Experience 15, 25 and 35. Students may obtain between 3 to 10 high school credits in each of these courses (one credit for every 25 hours worked).  Alberta Ed will recognize up to 15 credits towards a high school diploma. 

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