Religious Studies

As a Catholic High School, a major purpose of our existence is to further our students' faith development and education in a Catholic tradition. One of the primary ways our school achieves this goal is through the Religious Studies classes. The School District requires all of our students to successfully complete Religious Studies 15, 25 and 35 in order to participate in our graduation ceremonies.

Religious Studies 15 - Belonging
Have you ever stopped to think about all the cultures you belong to? Students look at these cultures and explore the idea that their relationships with themselves, others and Jesus are an influence on who they are now and who they will become. The attraction of serving others is explained and experienced in this course.

Religious Studies 25 - Believing
The underlying premise of the grade eleven Religious Studies program is that human beings attempt to make sense out of what they are experiencing. They search for meaning by trying to discover what is truth. What do I believe about myself, others and God? How am I to live my life? The purpose of this program is to guide students on an inner journey toward a more honest way of seeing and being in the world.

Religious Studies 35 - Relating
With life comes some difficult decisions. Leaving high school brings a whole new group of challenges. Building foundations for moral decision-making in the "next" stage of life is the focus of this course. Students will examine what is the "good life" through a clear identification of Catholic ethics and the applications of these principles in their lives. We further explore issues in social justice, ecology, mercy, marriage, family and politics.