High School mathematics is changing. We started in September 2010 with the new 10C program. This revised program has a number of benefits for the students.

Greater opportunity for conceptual understanding as there is less content and so students can study topics in greater depth.Course sequences are designed to prepare students for their future goals. The choices can now be made when students enter grade 11. Students are expected to meet with our Guidance Counsellor or Career Practitioner to determine which math courses are requiredby a specific facility, program of study or occupation, based on a student interest inventory.Students can transfer between the “-1” and “-2” course sequences at the Grade 11 and Grade 12 level if their career goals change. Again, meeting with our counselling staff will assist them in making these decisions. All three course sequences will provide studentswith both mathematical reasoning and critical thinking skills. In choosing the right path, students are encouraged to consider both their current interests and their future plans.

Grade 10 Math Choices
Mathematics 10C (Math 10 Combined) is for students that have passed grade 9 mathematics and is the starting point for the “-1” and “-2” sequences. Each topic area requires that the students develop a conceptual knowledge base and skill set that will be useful in bothsubsequent courses.

The majority of students coming from grade 9 will take Math 10C. Students in this sequence are required to supply their own T1-84 (or 83) graphing calculator.

The “-3” sequence is for entry into many apprenticeship programs and direct entry into the workforce.

The “-4” or Knowledge and Employability path will be available to students who meet the criteria and have an individual need. These courses will provide students with the opportunities to experience success and become well prepared for employment, citizenship and lifelong learning. Enrollment in these courses will be based on past performance, assessment, and teacher recommendation and will include consultation including the informed consent of parents or guardians and the student. This program allows the student to obtain a Knowledge and Employability Diploma (not a High School Diploma).

MATHEMATICS 20-1, 30-1 is for students with very strong algebraic skills. The “-1” path (pre-Calculus) is aimed at students taking engineering, sciences and business at postsecondary programs at universities, colleges and technical institutes that require further study of

MATHEMATICS 20-2, 30-2 is for students with strong math skills. At many universities, colleges and technical institutions (including some apprenticeship programs like Civil Engineering Technology, Medical Technologies and Arts Programs) the “-2” program is appropriate. In other words, programs that do not need the study of calculus do not require the “-1” program. For a high school diploma, students still require 10 credits (two courses) in mathematics, 5 of which must be at the grade 11 level. The 30-1 and 30-2 programs end with diploma exams.
Math students will be charged a fee for a math workbook and/or access to Math XL. For more information, please visit or contact a St. Albert Catholic High School math teacher, counselor or grade coordinator.

MATHEMATICS 31 (5 credits)
This course is designed for highly motivated academic students who wish to pursue a first year university course in calculus. Math 30-1 must be taken as a prerequisite or a co-requisite course. Topics are included from both differential and integral calculus. Math 31 is highly recommended for students who intend to register in the Faculty of Science and is required for some faculties at the University of Alberta, such as Engineering.

International Baccalaureate Program
Math 10C Pre IB is a program designed for students who excel and are passionate in mathematics. An enhanced pace allows the courses in the IB sequence to extend, enrich and supplement the outcomes covered in the Mathematics 10 Combined. Students are only graded on Alberta Learning outcomes. More details regarding the IB program at St. Albert Catholic High School can be found on the IB section of this guidebook.

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