International Languages

International Languages

Spanish Program

Students with some previous knowledge of Spanish are discouraged from registering at the beginner level. A placement test will be administered to all students to confirm appropriate course selection. For further information, please contact Miss Coco.

  • Spanish 10 (5 credits) - No previous knowledge of this language is required. The classroom emphasis will be on oral communication. You will also learn the fundamentals of written Spanish and explore diverse aspects of Spanish culture in the world.
  • Spanish 20 (5 credits) - Spanish 20 continues to expand on the vocabulary and grammar introduced in Spanish 10. The emphasis is on sentence and paragraph construction in the past tense.
  • Spanish 30 (5 credits) - Spanish 30 is the final course in this three-year series. The emphasis is on developing basic oral and written communication skills.
  • Spanish 10 IB (5 credits) - This is a new International Baccalaureate course for beginners. No previous knowledge of Spanish is necessary but students must be self-motivated and quick language learners, as they will be expected to write the Ab Initio exam at the end of Grade 12.
  • Spanish 20 IB (5 credits) / Spanish 30 IB (5 credits) - These two courses continue to expand oral and written proficiency in preparation for the IB Ab Initio exam written in Grade 12.                                                 


In addition to classroom instruction and cultural experiences in the languages, the members of the
International Languages department prepare and organize: Field trips to theatre, restaurants, Faculté St- Jean; organizing exchanges with Québec, Spain and Mexico (ask for more details); trips to Europe and the Québec Carnival (if enough students are interested in participating).


French Program

Choice of paths:

No prior French -----> French 10-3Y -----> French 10-9Y -----> 20-9Y -----> 30-9Y


French since grade 4 -----> French 10-9Y -----> French 20-9Y -----> French 30-9Y


IB French -----> French 10-9Y -----> French 20 IB -----> French 30 IB

  • FRENCH 10-9Y (5 credits) - The course offers new challenges by exploring different life situations using French as the language of communication. The use of communicative activities, authentic documents, partner and group work based on real life situations will be emphasized.
  • FRENCH 20-9Y (5 credits) - French 20-9y is an academic course designed for the student wishing to improve his/her French at the intermediate/advanced level. French 20-9y not only focuses on listening to and speaking French, but reading and writing in the second language.
  • FRENCH 30-9Y (5 credits) - Students will continue to improve and perfect all language skills, using French exclusively as the language of communication in the classroom. This course can be used for entrance to post-secondary institutions.
  • FRENCH 20 IB (5 credits) - The International Baccalaureate program in French has been designed to challenge self-motivated students eager to further enhance and perfect language skills through the formal study of grammar. Through the use of a variety of authentic materials (journals, novels, plays, etc.), students will perfect grammatical skills orally and in writing.
  • FRENCH 30 IB (5 credits) - This is the final course in the IB Language B series. The emphasis will be on critical analysis of reading texts, and accuracy of oral and written expression based on cultural research. Different types of essays will be taught in preparation for the IB examination.