SACHS iLearn

SACHS iLearn Centre
Can’t schedule the course you want? …. Not a problem, try it online!

The goal of the SACHS iLearn Centre is to offer students the opportunity to take courses not available or accessible in-class, in an online environment.

Many students take advantage of the flexibility offered in online courses, allowing them to schedule their learning around other commitments (academics, sports, jobs, etc.).

Students are able to interact with and receive individual support from the teachers and educational assistants located in the iLearn Centre, as well as through the use of online tools.

What’s important to keep in mind is that success in online education requires learners to be self-motivated and have good reading and comprehension skills.

Students are scheduled into the iLearn Centre, by school administration, and the same classroom expectations of focused work completion and appropriate behaviour apply. iLearn is not a dropin program; attendance is mandatory.

Did you know? Although online learning isn’t for every student, post-secondary schools now demand portions of some courses be done online. It is recommended by Alberta Education that high school students take at least one online course in their high school career to prepare for this eventuality.