If you have an interest in hair, nails and/or makeup, you will have fun learning about the art and science of beauty care in Cosmetology. Courses at this introductory level introduce students to some fundamental topic areas of the beauty industry. Students will learn skills involving how to apply make-up, perform manicures, and create long hair looks using braids, twists and knots. On top of that, they will learn how to shampoo, blow-dry and style hair just like the professionals do in the salon. Courses are delivered in a modular format with each course being equivalent to 1 credit.

** Introductory compulsory courses are prerequisites necessary for taking most intermediate and advanced Cosmetology courses.

** Students taking the 3-credit program are limited in their ability to progress through the Cosmetology Program at the 20 and 30 level due to required prerequisites. Students intending to advance through the program will be required to complete any prerequisite modules.

If you are attracted to the beauty industry, you will enjoy building on fundamental practices learned in Cos 10. Whether a general interest or a career aspiration, courses at this intermediate level will provide insight into the knowledge, skills and attitudes important in the salon industry. Students will learn skills involving how to perform basic haircuts, apply hair colors and create up-do styles using advanced long hair techniques. Part of the program is client-service based and students will learn to perform client consultations, just like they do in the salon. Students will have the opportunity to bring in clients and put their skills to practice in a real
salon setting on client service days.

If you have a growing attraction to the beauty industry, then you’ll have fun further engaging in and building on fundamental practices already learned. Cosmetology 30 is an advanced level interest program that offers deeper insight into the salon industry as a potential career. Students will learn advanced skills in haircutting and styling, and learn to perform advanced hair color techniques including hi-lites and bleach applications. Students will have the opportunity to bring in clients and put their skills to practice in a real salon setting on client service days.  Advanced client service courses will build on existing skills and competencies and broaden the understanding of daily salon practices as students are encouraged to develop and refine their skills for use in a career in the beauty industry. 

*Scholarship opportunity available to Cos 30 student(s) meeting the specified criteria. SASSE – Simply A SACHS Salon Experience

St. Albert High School offers Cosmetology students at all levels the opportunity to learn in a unique environment that combines a classroom within a fully equipped state-of-the-art salon. Students can immediately apply their practical knowledge and put learning into practice, on mannequins and/or clients. The practical
experience compliments the learning that goes on in the classroom making for what we believe is ‘simply a SACHS salon experience.

Cosmotology Shines at Nationals!

Chelsy Dicristafaro & Rosslyn Funston

Chelsy Dicristafaro & Rosslyn Funston

Last week in Toronto, over 550 young people from across all regions of Canada gathered to compete in over 40 skilled trade and technology areas at the National Skills Competitions.  Our SACHS students were part of the Alberta Skills Team and we are excited to share that both Chelsy Dicristafaro and Rosslyn Funston placed 4th in their respective competitions.  These young ladies are now considered the best of the best in the country earning the rank as top 4 among secondary, and in Chelsy's case, among post-secondary, students in CANADA. Congratulations both Chelsy and Rosslyn, you certainly did yourself, our school and our St. Albert community proud.

*Photo by April Bartlett and the St. Albert Gazette.