Career and Technology Studies

Career and Technology Studies

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The Career and Technology Program’s purpose is to organize learning experiences in modules which:


  • are more relevant, real world experiences that link theory with practice
  • use information and technology more effectively in a wide range of applications
  • focus on developing student competencies and skills which students can use daily throughout life - work/life skills will be stressed
  • will increase student confidence in themselves as they prove they can contribute significantly to their community

The C.T.S Program at St. Albert Catholic High School involves a number of areas. Each area has modules designed at the beginning, intermediate and advanced levels.


Communication And Computer Technologies
CCT emphasizes communication and presentation skills using a variety of different media. Students will engage in fun and creative multimedia activities using digital cameras, digital video cameras and audio/ video editing software. The focus throughout the course is integrating technology in a fun, creative and enjoyable format. Our in house radio broadcast station, 96.9 THE HAWK, introduces students to the world of radio broadcasting. Students will have opportunities to creatively mix music and design their own radio shows. CCT will also allow students the opportunity to create and explore, bringing their imaginations alive using programs and techniques like computer graphics, Photoshop, animation and 3D animation (flipbook, cell, legomation, claymation and even sandmation). As well, students will advance their basic computer skills by learning to use Android App development software, computer programming, spreadsheets, webpage design and word processing.

Examples of some of the Alberta CTS curriculum courses offered in the course: